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At the Gran Vía Casino in Madrid, from June 7th to 9th, the chess event Clash of Claims will take place, where Vladimir Kramnik, former world champion, will face Grandmaster José Martínez.
This showdown arises from accusations of online cheating by Kramnik towards Martínez. The event, which will include both in-person and online matches, promises intense emotions, with live commentary from GothamChess, Pepe Cuenca and El Divis


The Clash of Claims will consist of a total of 36 blitz games, with a playing time of 3 minutes plus a 2-second increment per move, spread over 3 days. Of these, 18 games will be played on the physical board, while the remaining 18 will take place online, using the platform.


The event will take place at the renowned Gran Vía Casino in Madrid, located at 24 Gran Vía Street.

Although entry to the Casino will be free, it is necessary to make a seat reservation to secure access to the designated spaces for following the event broadcast.

The board speaks

Vladimir Kramnik

World Champion in 2000 after defeating in a match the player considered by many the greatest in history, Garry Kasparov, later defending his title against Veselin Topalov. Renowned for his meticulous and strategic style, Kramnik ranks among the most influential figures in the history of chess openings.

José Martínez Alcántara

A Grandmaster of chess from an early age. His style of play is distinguished by its creativity, aggressiveness, and calculation ability, particularly excelling in online blitz, where he has defeated the world’s top players on multiple occasions.


GothamChess, led by International Master Levy Rozman, is one of the most prominent chess channels worldwide with over 10 million followers. Gotham breaks barriers with a clear and entertaining style.
Grandmaster Pepe Cuenca is globally praised as the best Spanish-speaking commentator. With his unique ability, he manages to convey the excitement of chess, turning each game into an unforgettable experience.
El Divis, David Martínez, Spanish International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer, is known for his work as a coach, commentator, and educator on platforms such as and Chessable.